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Sturm Milano is born from the union between avant-garde design, research and a spirit strongly aimed towards sustainability, it’s an innovative company, rich of ideas that spill into its products. Sturm Milano gives life to articles with a unique soul, from furnishing complements to modular systems, embracing the whole world of indoor life-style.
100% Made in Italy, Sturm Milano develops and produces design pieces for business, living and workplaces, following the production in all its different stages: from the creative concept, to the realization of 3D prototypes up to the final product.

Sturm Milano has a wise and creative hand, it is both the authentic craftsmanship and the ethical industry.


Sturm Milano is an all-Italian reality born from the beating heart of La Rosa Manichini, a mannequins and shop accessories production company: a story of passion for design and high-profile craftsmanship which, from 1922, is constantly evolving towards innovative and revolutionary visions.


Our company stands out in the world scene as an innovative reality with an avant-garde perspective. Sturm Milano materials are recyclable, non-toxic, resistant and surprisingly lasting over time. Sustainability goes hand in hand with an elegant aesthetics that echoes the natural purity of ice and brings it into homes and workplaces.


Each product of Sturm Milano has its own inimitable essence and plays with the concept of lightness, in a constant balance between full and empty spaces, recalling the famous Murano blown glass. This feature ensures incomparable charm to all of the collections of Sturm Milano.

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The transparency and uniqueness of each piece make Sturm Milano’s products original, recognizable and different from any other brand on the market.


Our materials are non-toxic and recyclable, and production manages to minimize environmental impact at every stage.

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