Erotica – Frame me

Designed by Uto Balmoral

How to respond to a provocation? But mostly, is it always necessary to reply? For the Erotica collection by Uto Balmoral, indifference isn’t contemplated. 

The designer/artist’s original intention is extremely less relevant to the kaleidoscopic spectrum of emotions that lays down (like a carpet) to fill the gap between the opposite poles of acceptance and denial.

Erotica imposes itself between impulses and prejudices: if on one hand it’s possible to feel a push to go beyond the appearance, by looking at the carpet from a certain distance or through the screen of a smartphone, on the other you can notice a critique towards the conformism that suppress, hiding them, natural acts of freedom and enjoyment which the designer expresses with images of undeniable eros. 

Uto Balmoral uses the pixel art language not to censor: it is, on the contrary, an invitation to focus on reality.

 Edit by Anna Cassani


Pixelated carpet in three dimensions on Glenwood fabric 2×3 2×2 Round 200

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