FAKE-really fake

designed by Uto Balmoral

This is Fake (and this is true)

Fake, before being a stool, is the synthesis of the designer/artist’s thought which, in balance between the rules of mass production and the aspiration to the unique product, expresses the values of the sculpture within the realm of product design.

With disarming sincerity, Fake’s epigraphic lettering declares its own fakeness as an art and functional piece, which makes it authentically unique, in contradiction with itself.

Uto Balmoral, with innate irony and desire to surprise, walks backwards the path to the ready-made: he takes from the art world to consacreate his products into the design context, where function assumes at times a purely accidental flavour.

Edit By Anna Cassani

Fake is the synthesis between the art piece and the streamlined product. A polyethylene multifunctional element, available in different colours. Wether it’s used as a coffee table, a stool, as a nightstand or simply as a decoration, Fake is perfect to bring colour and personality to any ambient, inside and outside.


Seat, coffee table and decoration in polyethylene, pink variant.

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Request information about this product


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