HUMANS XX XY- humans, (not) all too humans

designed by Uto Balmoral

Humans evoches metaphysic and surrealistic atmospheres.

Differently from Dalì’s anthropomorphic cabinets, here the simulacrum of the human figure, a mannequin, doesn’t only give the bust to hide the drawers, keepers of dreams and secrets of the human psyche. It instead gives the entire body to hold the containers like a contemporary Greek statue which, free of any torsion or muscular prowess, doesn’t show any fatigue, thoughts or feelings from its apathetic expression.

With Humans, Uto Balmoral creates a totem-like figure that, as such, doesn’t fill the space but asks for the attention to be admired and worshipped. 

Edit by Anna Cassani 

Both in it’s male and female shape, the Humans shelving systems are fascinating elements that demand and capture the attention of every room they’re placed in. The contrast between the organic shapes of the human figure and the sharp geometry creates a unique harmony.


Shelving system mounted on male and female mannequin in blown PSV blown polystyrene and MDF

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Request information about this product


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